We have had the opportunity to work with several sensor based services.

The following are two very unique services:


A geo positioning monitor that has extremely low power consumption. In fact when it is at rest it consumes virtually no power. It also includes a very unique activation system. When the sensor is moved it has a unique trigger that starts its processor.  The sensor uses very sophisticated math to track its movement and consume very low power while doing it.  These features make it ideal as a way to protect objects that tend to stay in one location and someone wants to know when they are moved.  One example is Electric Utility meters, which typically stay attached to your home but are often stolen to help others steal power.  Another example is fine art which is often hung on a wall or placed in a museum or home for long periods of time. This sensor is better than an RFID tag because it will continue to tell you where it is while it is being moved.

A complete logistics service platform that takes input from a variety of sensors (e.g., temperature, humidity, location, movement, light, etc.) analyzes the data and can send alerts when the data is out of range. This is a uniquely collaborative platform that could allow complete supply chains to track important qualities of products throughout the entire process. It has found early adopter customers in the time sensitive aircraft maintenance business and the time and temperature sensitive life sciences.