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Our customers are working on many interesting ideas. Below are a few. If you don't see your interest, please contact us. We may know people working on your issue.

Sensor Based Services

Track critical attributes of high value, fresh and time sensitive products in real time.

Office Spaces

Find ways to improve your effectiveness, work the way you want, in a creative space and pay for only what you use.

PCI Compliance

Make your compliance easy, quick and effective.

Personal Safety

With this device you will rarely be without extra personal safety in the form of alarms and alerts.

Evacuation Medical Plans

Physician directed services make it easy to have the information you need, where you need it, when you need it. Your care is improved no matter where you are.

Furniture Efficiency

Furnishing your office for types of work (e.g., alone, collaborative and team) will improve efficiency.

Innovative Memphis

Memphis has a strong heritage of innovation and a significant opportunity to grow on that heritage. Learn more about some of the groups promoting innovation in Memphis.