Industry / Company / Service

SaaS / Sensor Based Service / Early Market Operations




Fully functioning ERP system to link sales, e-commerce, inventory management, fulfillment, customer service and accounting for this new to the world service.


We implemented NetSuite a full ERP software as a solution service that could support this start-up effort through the early market.


The customer has been able to quickly implement many features not normally available to start-ups and is processing web leads, orders, fulfillment, billing, customer service and journals for this start-up effort.

Keys to Success: Speed and adaptability to the ever changing needs of this new service. NetSuite through its significant configuration and customization capabilities could quickly be adapted to the changing and growing needs of this service.

Short Description:

The Innovation Group of a large Fortune 500 firm had a promising new service that had made it through their innovation process to a stage where they were ready to do early market testing. They had built a sophisticated sensor based service but forcing this new service into existing systems to support the business would take months to years. Our solution was a quick implementation of NetSuite a software as a service that would allow the operations to scale or quickly shut down if this was a failure. As the experiments progressed we have been able to modify the system to meet the changing needs of this new service.