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This organization which had innovated a franchise business (900 US, 1,400 worldwide) on core principles did not have an automated process for capturing and taking customer leads. The growing service needed a way to effectively capture and convert new leads.


Installed the RightNow Technologies software as a service CRM package (now part of Oracle) allowing for the capture and tracking of leads that came in though the sales organization, call centers and web sites.


In 60 days the customer implemented an automated capture, and tracking of leads which reduced costs per leads, increased improvement in booking appointments, increased customer satisfaction and led to a 16% improvement in customer retention.

Keys to Success: Rapid deployment and low cost customer relationship solution to critical needs

Short Description:

This home services cleaning franchise business had successfully grown to over 900 US based franchisees and over 1,400 worldwide and had outgrown manual attempts at managing customer relationships. The needs were many including improved ability to capture, track and convert leads as well as improve customer service and retention. The need was significant and within 60 days Carl Elliott was able to help the organization implement the RightNow Technologies Software as a Service CRM system. The system automated the capture, tracking and management of all leads and sales in the organization. This allowed for a reduction in the cost per lead by providing statistical data to prove the benefit of shifting marketing dollars from expensive channels to less expensive online. This project also implemented a call center program for inbound leads that reduced the response time from several hours to less than 10 minutes. This resulted in a 25% improvement in booking sales appointment. The project resulted in increased customer satisfaction and in 16% improvement in customer retention.