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Healthcare / Health Insurer / Process Improvement




Improve the product development process to speed time to the market for new products in this highly regulated industry.


Robert Johnson conducted an audit of this organization's product development process documenting the process, transaction volumes and cycle times to identify constraints and other opportunities for improvement.


Recommendations led to a 50% reduction in cycle times for getting new products to the market

Keys to Success: Clarifying everyone's understanding of the current process and its metrics followed by a set of recommendations built from the ground up to gain everyone's acceptance. This acceptance greatly reduce the implementation time.

Short Description:

This national provider of health insurance to small and medium businesses was hampered by a lengthy product development process which was hindering its growth rate. In order to improve the situation Robert Johnson conducted a complete product development process audit. This audit documented perceived problems, processes and metrics. This was done through a top down (starting with executive management) and bottom up interview process. Once all the details were gathered and analyzed the bottom up interview process provided a way to gain consensus on the issues and solutions. Once the final recommendations were ready for review with the top executives everyone was ready to implement the key suggestions. Within a very short period of time the company had reduce its cycle time for getting new product to the market by 50% and sales growth increased.