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Security / Inventor / Find Early Adopters




Identify a customer segment that would be an early adopter for this unique tracking sensor


We researched multiple industry segments and conducted problem interviews with potential customers to help identify any early adopters


We identified a top three list of market segments, with one being the clearest early adopter potential. The next step was to finish constructing working models and implement them.

Short Description

An entrepreneur had invented a sensor that consumed virtually no power when at rest and but could accurately track movement if it began to move. The uniqueness of the sensor was its low power consumption when at rest and strong capability to track location as it moved. This made it a great fit for protecting high value assets that mostly stay in one place.

Our research team identified 10 markets with potential. We gained an understanding of how they were protecting assets today. For the top three potential segments we also conducted interviews with potential customers to determine their interest. During the project a potential client in another industry segment was discovered and additional interviews were conducted to determine the fit of that potential customer.

We were successful in identifying an early adopter segment and the next step was to finish constructing working models and implement them in test sites.