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SaaS / Sensor Tracking Services / Customer Validation




This software as a service organization had identified at least two market segments that had problems that could be solved by their solution and needed to prove that they could effectively sell to these segments.


We initially provided one sales person experienced in selling early market solutions to perspective customers. This sales person focused solely on the segments that had been identified and was able to effectively close more customers. We have since supplied two additional sales people experienced at closing early market solution services.


We have been able to grow the two segments through our sales efforts. There is clearly a market for the service and we are proving each day how to attack those markets.

Short Description

We had been engaged with the innovation group in this Fortune 500 firm through the development of a unique to the world sensor tracking services platform. Work had been done to identify some early adopter segments and test the solution. The concept was so unique it required people skilled in early market sales to take the next step of proving we could grow sales in the early adopter segments.

The company had an extremely large and effective sales force at selling their existing services. Unfortunately, this new service targeted different buyers in the companies they sold to and required a different sales approach to find and identify the best place to use the service. We supplied a sales person that was experienced in closing sales of new services and products.

Our sales person was able to effectively reach the new customers in the target companies and talk to them without the same legacy that company sales people would have brought. Our sales person was able to effectively identify places to use the new service and close sales. We have since added two more experienced sales closers to further increase the volume of sales to these initial targets.