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Customer research assistance for this new to the world service


We provided a senior staff member with both significant early market research experience to supplement an existing research organizations that was understaffed. We assisted the client in defining and managing research initiatives for this new to the world service.


The research that was conducted led to many key findings which have contributed to the improved customer acquisition and priorities for product development

Keys to Success: Employing multiple research tools to gather critical buying and customer experience information, analyzing, synthesizing and making recommendations.

Short Description:

The Innovation Group of a large Fortune 500 firm had a promising new service that had made it through their innovation process to a stage where they were ready to do early market testing. One area of focus was to better understand potential customers and customers as they experienced the purchasing, implementation and use processes. We provided a researcher experienced in bringing new services to the market to the customer's research team to help them manage a growing scope of research efforts. We assisted in structuring the research plan and managing the completion of each component. Early research discovered the disruptions caused by new markets and how this affects selling, operations, planning and logistics. Later research focused on the customer experience and identified several ways to improve the process for finding customers and growing sales.