Industry / Company / Service

Financial / Music Royalty Purchases / Prototype Service




Inexpensive solution that would facilitate growth in taking applications, capturing royalty data and processing advances.


For this start-up we took a build only what you need approach. We started with just the critical functionality to take applications, capture royalty data and process advances.


The customer has the tools in place to execute their current desire to grow 5 fold in the coming year.

Keys to Success: Being mindful of the customer's cash constraints while delivering unique functionality important to their differentiation that other annuity / receivable purchasing software did not.

Short Description:

We have had the fortune to work with a start-up in the financial industry focused on serving the needs of royalty owners, initially in the music industry. We have worked with them to identify a long term strategy for success and to implement infrastructure for short term success. The company found its early customers in the form of advances for royalties. To facilitate offering of the service and tracking the details of each purchase, we have developed prototype infrastructure that can make that work more efficient and allow them some flexibility for other types of offerings. The infrastructure is built on a Cloud based Software as a Service structure allowing the company to quickly scale as their demand grows.